A new interactive work for children ages 3-9 suitable for outdoor and alternative spaces as well as theatres

Direction & Choreography: Jennifer Essex

Written by: Harry Man

Cast: 2

Duration: 25 minutes


SPACE REBEL PRINCESS is available for booking 

A young princess dreams of becoming an astronaut, but her parents have more aristocratic goals for her. With the help of the audience she must break free of the fears and preconceptions holding her back, and boldly go where no princess has gone before! Rebel Space Princess is designed for audiences 3-9 years old with lots of opportunity for the children to get involved, helping the princess to achieve her mission as she battles against the strict rules of her upbringing. Inspired by Helen Sharman, the first person from the UK to travel into space, Space Rebel Princess seeks to empower young people to follow their dreams and inspire in them a love of science. 

This is a small scale work suitable for playing in a variety of settings both urban and rural. It focuses on innovative audience engagement, with children helping the rebel princess build a rocket, powering it into space with their voices and movements and joining in her gravity free adventure. Rebel Space Princess combines clowning, physical theatre, dance, craft and poetry to create an innovative piece of joyful, boundary breaking performance. 

"Space Rebel Princess is an interactive, playful and highly skilled physical performance for little ones and families. It’s rare to see a children’s show that has all of these combinations; storytelling, dance, participation, music and lots and lots of fun!  This show would work indoors and outdoors and gives children an opportunity to engage in a thoroughly creative 30 minute show.  A delight!" 

Claire Bigley
Creative Producer

Watch a teaser of our premiere performance at Young Fest (indoor) HERE

Watch a teaser of out performance at IncludFest (outdoor) HERE

See some photos of our performances at Young Fest and Sandbach Transport Festival HERE

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Read about how we made it in The Dance Current

"You had the audience hooked, from young to old. Really moving and emotional, my little girl was transfixed."

-Audience feedback from Stockton International Riverside Festival


Direction & Choreography: Jennifer Essex

Cast: 6 Dancers (4 touring 2 comunity cast selected from each location)

Duration: 30 minutes



REPLICAS premiered at the Stockton International Riverside Festival and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in the summer of 2016 with the generous support of Arts Council England, Dance City, Middlesbrough Council, Teesside University, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, ARC Stockton, and Stockton International Riverside Festival.  We are  accepting bookings for outdoor and alternaive space performances for 2017. We are also offereing workshops that examine how the digital age has changed the way we comminucate.  For more information please contact

In REPLICAS we follow real couples through their relationships via their texts.  These abrupt, literal, and immediate communications were our starting place to create an imaginary relationship between two very physically real dancers.


The immersive, visceral world of dance is one of the best mediums for highlighting the contrast between communications in physical space and those elsewhere. We will examine the technological interactions our couples to build a picture of their relationships. We will also be researching gestures, touch, body language and involuntary cues such as hair rising on the back of the neck, and changes in heart rate, with a particular emphasis on intimacy and the communicative output between two people in love, whether romantic, friendly, or familiar. 


The production combines the digital and the physical, sending the text messages that the dances were built from to audience members throughout the performance. On audiences can upload their photos, play interactive games, and see live tets and photos pop up during performances.

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